Geothermal Tubes
photo tubes couronnes T2Drilling pipes, pipes connecting wells, heat exchanger, gaskets ... all materials subjected to the test in a geothermal plant.

When in contact with underground water, they are victims of different types of corrosion: chemical corrosion (aggressive fluid loaded with mineral salts), galvanic corrosion (caused by stray electric currents) and even bacteriological corrosion (bacterial strains - which may be present in the field and reactivated by lowering the temperature - increase steel and sulphides corrosion, by-products of their metabolism and are corrosive).

In order to protect facilities, preventive treatments are applied: inhibitors injections to obain a protective film or to prevent crystallization and deposits formation and bactericidal products to get rid of micro-organisms.

This is the case of the Parisian Basin production wellbore to annihilate corrosion problems associated with the exploitation of the Dogger layers.

Inoxtube provides the injector tube present in the producing well. The latter is equipped with a load bar and an injection head plunging to casing shoe (continuous tube for downhole processing).

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